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Lockdown Driving You Nuts?

Now that we are three weeks into the COVID-19 enforced lockdown I was wondering what gofers are doing to keep themselves safe but sane!?

It's a shame that if the lockdown had not been quite so stringent then golf may well have squeaked through and been seen as a safe activity. But not so - and although I think that it could have been overlooked it could well have had a negative press and feeling with the general public. So I feel us golfers are doing our bit. I hope that as there is beginning to be a conversation about when we might be allowed a little more freedom that golf may be at the front of the queue!

But I am curious as to what you have been doing to relieve the boredom and use the time. Whether it is diving into the garden, finishing all those DIY projects or getting fit????

I have been trying to stay in touch with my players and friends as much as possible. I have been using Facebook Live too. You can find me there at my FB Page on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 9am. All done from my garage at home - with the banner behind me one of my guys said I looked like a golfing jihadi!

I have been covering a range of topics from the lockdown to my easiest tips to get your golf better to how the PGA & Euro Tours schedules might play out. After all it is a Ryder Cup year, The Open is cancelled and the other three majors looking all to be played later this year. As well as that I have posted a couple of putting drills to challenge you and keep you busy so have a look - they are on the FB page.

Let me know - post, whattsapp or email pictures. But other than that STAY AT HOME and STAY SANE! It won't be long before we are out doing what we love!


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