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Fit For Golf - 2 Weeks until Spain

I have always wanted to try a little experiment. It is to do with golf fitness. Since training for my certification with TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) I have been fascinated by how our body effects the swing. Now by fitness I think it is important to clarify exactly what I mean by being fit.

We are all golf fit to a certain degree although we vary from each other due to factors like age, strength, flexibility, energy levels and the amount that we are able to practice and/or play. Therefore we are all relatively fit on a scale from elite professional athlete down to the golfer just about making it around the course. The main photo is of the 2-time major champion John Daly. This photo a perfect contradiction due to his obvious strength and flexibility (what a backswing!) although he is not the first golfer I think of as an elite athlete!

At the time of writing it is over six months since I played 18 holes of golf in one round! I am only hitting one or two balls in a lesson and am just about as 'golf unfit' as I have ever been.

It has been my educated assumption through my experience in dealing with the human body that if someone invests just a little time in excercising their golfing muscles there is a significant amount to gain! I have found this with small improvements in golf technique and have suspected the same is true since being given exercises to do when I had some back trouble. One is featured in the photos above.

So I thought it would be interesting to try the following experiment. I pledge to do the following as much as free time will allow (not much I suspect) and estimate that I will be able to...

Stretch - For up to 5 minutes - 4 times per week

Use the Explanar for 3 minutes - 3 times per week

Hit 50 range balls 3/4 times per week

Run 3 times per week amounting to 20km

I have already recorded my ball flight data (before starting) and you can see this on the launch monitor screenshots below. The distances and speeds were taken using the new GCQuad. The key stats to look out for are...

Club head speed 7 iron - 83.4 mph

Carry with 7 iron - 148 yds

Club head speed driver - 100.1 mph

Carry with driver - 234.8 yds

Over the next 2 weeks - before the golf break to Spain - I will be following my program the best I can. I hope to prove two things...

1 - That just about any golfer can and would significantly improve their performance by doing things that improve flexibility, strength and stamina.

2 - That golf 'fitness' is a relative thing and that a small investment in time and effort makes a noticeable difference to golf performance!

Look out next week for an update - I will be in touch...

Be encouraged - our best golf is ahead of us!!!


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