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What would improve your game?




Do you just want to learn how to play, compete or just reach your own potential - I can show you how.

It would be easy to over-simplify this area as traditional golf lessons. Really there are two very separate disciplines to recognise and understand.

  • Improve or perfecting technique​

  • Refining skills to an expert level

Learn to correctly separate the performance stages of




It is this understanding that will help you to train effectively and then enjoy the freedom of a different mindset on the course!


Practical remedies to improve strength & flexibility or to harness the power that come from correct thinking habits.

Biomechanical issues can really hamper a golf swing and it's consistency. Not all bodies move and perform to the same capabilities. It is important to have the understanding of what can potentially be improved and something else that is a permanent limitation. This saves time and effort for areas of the game where improvement is possible, helping us to reach maximum improvement and your golfing potential.

Psychology in golf is a huge factor that heavily influences every round we play. I can teach you habits that replace the concept of mental toughness with effective correct thinking. Learn to trust your ability to release a shot the same way that you do in other daily skills you posses. Time spent on your mental game may produce the greatest improvements in your golf you have ever experienced!

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Combining the very latest in club technology with expert custom fitting. 

Experience the confidence that comes with a professional golf club custom fitting. With every major brand  in golf manufacture to choose from we will definitely find the perfect equipment for you to play. I am based at AB Golf & performance Centre in Thame Oxfordshire. 

From the driver right down to the wedges and putter I can expertly fit you for every detail. 

Using the golf industry's leading technology for fitting nothing will be missed in finding the exact specification of each club in your bag. Modern technology in clubs can make a massive difference in ease of use, distance and correcting adverse side spin. 

At our facility in Thame I can fit you for...

Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, Honma, Mizuno, Ping, PXG, Srixon, Taylor Made, Titleist and XXIO. Within our putting studio I can fit you for Cleveland, Odyssey, Ping, Scotty Cameron and Taylor Made putters.

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Book an assessment in any strategy area or get in touch to arrange a complete overview so that I can create an individual improvement plan for your game.

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